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Driving Range

If you want to build a Driving Range or renovate an existing one, we can help you with the analysis you need to figure out how high and where the net should be to keep balls from leaving the property.
Mr. Edward E. Wankel, MPA, can advise you on the usage of tee bay reflectors to decrease the required height for your nets.

Minimum net heights are determined by the following factors:

  • Driving Range Dimensions
  • Land Topography (sloping uphill or downhill)
  • Wind and temperature conditions that prevail
  • Range Type Ball utilized (standard or limited flight)
  • Utilization of tee bay reflectors
  • All club shots, from sand wedge to driver, may be recreated, illustrating how high the netting must be to contain all strokes.

Mr. Wankel will advise you on the safest layout and design of tee boxes for the safety of range patrons, including; the dimensions of the tee box, tee box divider specifications, as well as the need for safety netting in front of tee boxes on all practice tees above grade level, ie. Two story ranges and higher.

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